Fuel Oil Tanks

The Blake Group Storage Tank Department design and manufacture fuel oil storage tanks for safe storage and dispensing of all fuel oils, such as red and white diesel, gas oil, biodiesel, and kerosene.

Dispensing tanks are fitted with electrically powered pumps and dispensing hoses with automatic shut-off nozzles, or hand-operated pumps. We also supply pump sets for connection to heating systems or generator sets.

We recommend following the Environment Agency (EA) and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) guidelines “Guidance for Pollution Prevention” (GPP2) to guarantee compliance with all oil storage regulations. We make sure that compliance with HSG176 is checked whenever flammable liquids, such as kerosene or petrol, are being stored.

Blake Group is the number one choice for bunded storage tanks, diesel tanks, biodiesel tanks, bunded fuel tanks, water tanks, chemical tanks, stainless steel tank fabrications, bunded oil tanks, and waste oil tanks.

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Bunded Steel Fuel Oil Tanks (Small & Medium size)

The fully bunded Blake Fuel Oil TEBU (Totally Enclosed Bunded Unit) is ideal for the storage and dispensing of diesel, biodiesel, red diesel, heating oil and other fuel oils and can easily be configured to suit your requirements. Designed and manufactured to the latest environmental legislation. Ideal for generator fuel storage.

Bunded Steel Industrial Fuel Oil Tanks (Large)

The TEBU-IFO is designed for bulk oil storage and refueling operations. Typical clients include oil distributors, haulage contractors, bus companies and local authorities. Suitable for a wide range of fuel types such as white & red diesel, biodiesel, gas oil, kerosene and aviation fuel. Tanks can incorporate pump housings to contain dispensing equipment, pump sets, bottom loading equipment and fuel management systems.

Bunded Steel Gravity Feed Tanks

Designed for small to medium refueling applications for sites where mains power is unavailable, such as farms, the TEBUG provides a convenient solution. The integral bund also acts as the tank support, raising it to a suitable height for gravity feeding. Suitable for a wide range of fuels including white diesel, biodiesel, kerosene and red diesel. Standard bunded tanks can also be supplied with support stands to provide gravity feed.

Single Skin Steel Fuel Storage Tanks

Blake Tanks also manufacture single skin steel tanks which are ideal for domestic oil storage. Domestic tanks under 3500 litres comply with the Control of Pollution act 2001 (COP2001) in England and under 2500 litres comply with the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) Regulations in Scotland. Ideal for diesel storage, heating oil tanks, AGA cooker supply tanks, Rayburn stoves etc. As these are made to order, we can tailor the tank size to suit your location, such as slimline or compact space saving designs.

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  • George Hobbins
    We use Blake Tanks for the majority of our applications and find the service, quality and timely delivery a great benefit. They always provide a friendly and understanding professional approach to our requirements which at times can be bespoke to our customer requirements. Any issues are quickly resolved.
    George Hobbins
    Dieselec Thistle Generators
  • Alec McCartney
    We commissioned Blakes to design and manufacture a high-capacity skid tank for a standby generator. Although the specification changed several times during production, they completed the tank on time, to a high standard and without any fuss. They couldn't have been more accommodating and professional.
    Alec McCartney
    DCDC Power
  • Gordon Hughes
    We have always found James Blake & Co to provide a complete tank solution for our needs / design /service and eagerness to fulfil any order within as short a time as possible for all our Garage Equipment needs, highly recommended.
    Gordon Hughes
    Autoparts Garage Equipment

Industrial Fuel Oil Tanks

Blake Group is the UK’s first manufacturers of OFTEC certified OFS T2OO steel bunded fuel tanks. EA, SEPA and NIEA recommend that tanks are manufactured to a recognised standard. OFT T200 is the only industry standard for the construction and testing of steel tanks.

Blake Group manufactures a range of standard capacity bunded tanks as well as custom tanks. Capacities ranging from 200 to 140,000 litres are available in a range of dimensions. Our Industrial Fuel Oil Tanks are designed for bulk oil and fuel storage applications. This includes oil distribution centres, fleet refueling, boiler and generator supply operations. Large tanks can also be made from stainless steel for chemical or Adblue storage.

Our industrial fuel oil storage tanks can include a wide variety of accessories, including access ladders & handrails, pump housings and canopies, pump skid bases, electronic gauges and alarms.

Blake Group manufactures bunded fuel tanks for clients throughout the UK and Europe. These range from airports and train depots to port operators, plant equipment companies and oil distributors. Customers include Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, Manchester Airport, Caterpillar, Direct Rail Solutions (DRS), Shell, Alstom, Fuchs Lubricants, Dieselec Thistle Generators and Lothian Buses.

For any situation that requires vehicle, fleet or plant refueling, always ensure you order a tank that is manufactured to BS 799-5:2010. Purchasing a Blake Group OFS T200 OFTEC certified tank guarantees compliance with the oil storage regulations. We recommend that the guidance given in GPP 2 is followed whenever a tank is considered for any site.

industrial fuel oil tanks

Diesel Generator Tanks

Diesel storage and distribution is the most popular requested application for our fuel tanks. Our oil tanks are suitable for domestic and small-scale commercial use, however we recommend our range of integrally bunded steel storage tanks specifically designed for generator use.

Standard capacities range from 200 to 140,000 litres in either rectangular or cylindrical tank designs. Our custom built diesel generator tanks are particularly useful for power supply applications, as they can be manufactured to suit specific sizes and capacities. Tanks can be designed to fit in most locations, including basements or restricted access areas.

We can incorporate twin-wall pipework provision where required, with several options to achieve this. Generator base tanks can be designed to suit specific applications where a normal tank would not work. Accessories such as electronic gauges, alarms with relays, pump sets and float switches are also available to accompany your tank.

All Blake tanks are designed, manufactured and tested to British Standard BS799-5:2010. Blake Group welders are tested and qualified to BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 for both carbon steel and stainless steel.