Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Blake Group offer a range of dispensing solutions for diesel, gas oil, lubricating oils and other liquids. Fuel dispensing tanks are available in capacities from 500 litres to 120000 litres. Our integrally bunded “Fuelstation” design, which has a secure top hatch to house the pump, is one of the most popular fuel dispensing tanks in our range.

Diesel Fuel Dispensing Tanks

Diesel dispensing pumps can be supplied with flowrates from 50 to 100 litres per minute to suit the majority of refuelling applications. Higher flow rates can be achieved using larger pump systems or with specialist pump skids. A standard electric pump kit includes a flowmeter, 4 metres of dispensing hose, automatic shut-off nozzle with holster and a junction box. Self-retracting hose reels can extend the hose reach up to 20m. Fuel management systems provide a secure way to permit only authorised users access, while allowing managers to view fuel useage data. Our “Fuelstation” tanks include a lockable secure top hatch which contains the dispensing pump and any gauges or alarms. A full height pump housing with lockable galvanised steel roller-shutter door is more suitable for larger capacity tanks to store dispensing pumps securely.

Diesel Fuel Dispensing Tanks

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  • Alec McCartney
    We commissioned Blakes to design and manufacture a high-capacity skid tank for a standby generator. Although the specification changed several times during production, they completed the tank on time, to a high standard and without any fuss. They couldn't have been more accommodating and professional.
    Alec McCartney
    DCDC Power
  • Gordon Hughes
    We have always found James Blake & Co to provide a complete tank solution for our needs / design /service and eagerness to fulfil any order within as short a time as possible for all our Garage Equipment needs, highly recommended.
    Gordon Hughes
    Autoparts Garage Equipment
  • George Hobbins
    We use Blake Tanks for the majority of our applications and find the service, quality and timely delivery a great benefit. They always provide a friendly and understanding professional approach to our requirements which at times can be bespoke to our customer requirements. Any issues are quickly resolved.
    George Hobbins
    Dieselec Thistle Generators

Multi-Compartment Tanks

Tanks with multiple compartments offer the benefit of being able to dispense several different products from one tank. Also known as split-compartment tanks, they typically have two or more separate compartments within the tank body. Each compartment has its own set of fittings and pipework connecting to a separate pump within the pump housing. We can also mount a pump housing to each end of the tank to provide two dispensing locations.

Oil Dispensing Tanks

Lubricating oils can be dispensed using air-operated pumps and hoses with highly accurate flowmeters. Waste oil tanks fitted with air-operated diaphragm pumps will allow you to waste oils from other sources into the storage tank for later bulk removal.

oil dispensing tank