Bespoke Tanks

At Blake Group we are able to manufacture a wide range of custom-designed bespoke storage tanks to any particular size or shape. This includes custom designs that can fit into the most awkward shaped spaces, extra large units with specific required features, or smaller tanks that fulfill a special task.

Blake Group is the number one choice for bunded storage tanks, diesel tanks, biodiesel tanks, bunded fuel tanks, water storage tanks, chemical tanks, stainless steel tank fabrications, bunded oil tanks, and waste oil tanks.

Bespoke Storage Tanks

  • Large Industrial Fuel Storage and Distribution: For large-scale refuelling operations, building heating, and power requirements. We can manufacture bespoke tanks from 200 to 85,000 litres. Suitable for a wide range of fuels including diesel, biodiesel, red, heating oil etc.
  • Tank Stands: Stands to raise tanks to provide gravity feed, either separate from the tank or integrated into the base.
  • Custom specification: Blake Group Storage Tank division can also manufacture bespoke storage tanks and other items which are not covered by any of the other categories listed. This could include such products as open topped tanks for testing, cylindrical chutes, sluice trays, stainless steel glue warmers.
  • Stainless steel tanks manufactured to your specification: Our stainless steel tanks are constructed in a separate clean room area in 304L and 316L material.
  • Multi-Compartment Tanks: Tanks with several separate compartments for different types of oils, eliminating the need for a number of separate individual tanks and saving plenty of space. This also means that the tanks use less steel, making them more economical than purchasing single units.
  • Bespoke Fuel Storage: Specially designed to suit your requirements for bulk fuel storage and distribution. Large size tanks for refuelling depots, multiple-compartments, special sizes, tanks on stands, day tanks, antifreeze storage tanks, kerosene tanks.
bespoke storage tanks
bespoke stainless steel storage tanks

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Our team of experts are on-hand to answer any questions you may have on the design, fabrication, installation or maintenance of all types of liquid storage tanks.

  • Gordon Hughes
    We have always found James Blake & Co to provide a complete tank solution for our needs / design /service and eagerness to fulfil any order within as short a time as possible for all our Garage Equipment needs, highly recommended.
    Gordon Hughes
    Autoparts Garage Equipment
  • George Hobbins
    We use Blake Tanks for the majority of our applications and find the service, quality and timely delivery a great benefit. They always provide a friendly and understanding professional approach to our requirements which at times can be bespoke to our customer requirements. Any issues are quickly resolved.
    George Hobbins
    Dieselec Thistle Generators
  • Alec McCartney
    We commissioned Blakes to design and manufacture a high-capacity skid tank for a standby generator. Although the specification changed several times during production, they completed the tank on time, to a high standard and without any fuss. They couldn't have been more accommodating and professional.
    Alec McCartney
    DCDC Power

Container Conversions & Containerised Tanks

Blake Group Storage Tank Division is increasingly being asked to acquire and convert storage containers for a variety of uses. These range from energy, generator hire construction, and logistics companies as well as forestry and rural estate interests. Our tank department also modifies containers to fit our bunded tanks to provide portable fuel solutions.

These flexible units can provide secure, mobile accommodation for a variety of uses including containerised fuel storage, onsite offices, plant and bio-mass housing, and lend themselves particularly well to providing security in remote and unsecure environments in a very cost efficient manner.

Container Conversions

The units can be designed and converted to meet the particular needs of an intended use and/or location, but also offer the benefit of being fully mobile to allow easy relocation from one project to the next. Pictured above is one of several container conversions produced for Babcock Wanson, providing on-site mobile housing for a generator and fuel storage. We can provide single use 20 foot and 40 foot units for container conversions, or you can supply your own for us to modify. Whether the container is repainted or clad, we ensure that the finished appearance is as good as a brand new container would look. Blake Group has worked with  Underbelly in Edinburgh on several projects where container conversions have created innovative event locations.

Containerised Tanks

By placing one of our integrally bunded fuel storage tanks inside a modified container, we can provide a portable fuel solution that is also secure. These can be for short-term use or where the flexibility of the fuel tank location is necessary. Hose connections on the tank and entry points through the container can be customised to suit. The container is also repainted and labelled to suit.

Our tank department team has a wide range of experience and skills to provide diesel tank storage solutions.

Containerised Tanks
Containerised Tanks maunfacture