Innovation and Development

Innovation has played a key role in the success of Blake Group since the first blacksmith’s forge opened next to Leith Docks in Edinburgh prior to the start of the Second World War.

Always able to turn his hand to any engineering challenge, as a young man James Blake quickly became established as a respected craftsman in his trade.

It is with a continued growing reputation for quality and service, predominantly through word of mouth, that the firm sits proudly at the forefront of Scottish heavy engineering today.

engineering innovation
engineering innovation in the UK
ENGINEERING INNOVATION quenching water tank

Blake Group has thrived on what it calls ‘solutions-driven engineering’ taking the wealth of experience gained over 75 years and applying it to client projects.

Senior management all come from a mechanical engineering background so client projects are handled by experts from the initial consultation stage or site visit. Almost all projects undertaken are bespoke and inevitably design challenges will arise, however Blake Group use this as its point of difference to add value through its Consultancy Services.

Working closely with clients, the firm approach projects with confidence, sometimes recommending approaches outwith our brief to achieve the best possible outcome like focus on what’s achievable, safe and where budget is crucial, affordable. This realistic approach combined with creative and innovative thinking streamlines the manufacturing process with cost saving outcomes that reduce risks.