Engineering Consultancy

Consultancy Services from Blake Group

Engineering Consultancy Services from The Blake Group

Detailed information and knowledge are crucial when planning any engineering project. Having expert advice from the outset can save considerable time and money whilst reducing exposure to risk.

Both Blake Group’s Environmental Storage Tanks Division and Fabrications Division offer independent and impartial consultancy services for clients. We cover a variety of matters from the legal issues of oil storage to steel manufacturing production matters.

Apart from being an excellent cost saving exercise, Blake Group’s Consultancy Service is ideal to tap into at the Pre-Tender writing stage to avoid expensive revisions and re-issuing of Tender documents.

oil storage consultancy

Oil Storage Consultancy Services

As a market leader in the manufacture of fuel tanks, Blake Group offer oil storage consultancy. This includes inspection and advice on existing oil storage issues as well as providing solutions for new fit fuel storage equipment.

Please contact Ronnie Blake to discuss oil storage consultancy.


Steel Construction Certification Scheme NHSS20

Blake Group Tank Department

Fabrication and Metalwork Consultancy Services

Blakes in-house expertise can deliver efficiencies through value engineering and design input during the early stages of fabrication and metalwork projects.

Please contact John MacDonald to discuss fabrication and metalwork.



Steel Construction Certification Scheme NHSS20

Blake Group certification to National Highways Sector Scheme 20

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